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Crystal chandeliers – Handmade Swedish chandeliers

Five reasons to buy a crystal chandelier

A luxurious crystal chandelier will give your home a priceless beauty and there are many reasons why more people choose to embellish different rooms in their home with a chandelier.


We give you 5 reasons to buy a chandelier from Krebs:


1. A hand-made chandelier. With over 60 years of experience, you get an exclusive crystal chandelier with high-quality full cut crystal that are hand tied onto a frame of genuine brass with very high quality. A true craftsmanship from a genuin Swedish family business.


2. Swedish design. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure of getting genuine Swedish design.


3. A sustainable design. A crystal chandelier from Krebs means quality that lasts for generations. 


4. For apartments and castles. Krebs chandeliers embellish the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and the Sager Palace, where the Swedish prime minister lives. But even in ordinary homes where craftsmanship, Swedish design and quality is appreciated.


5. You get a touch of luxury to your home.. To hang a beautiful crystal chandelier in your living room over a coffee table, in the kitchen over the dining table, children's room or why not in the bathroom will give you a tremendous feeling of everyday luxury and beauty.


So whether you want to buy a small or large crystal chandelier, modern chandelier or a baroque chandelier, so we are sure you will be satisfied with a crystal chandelier from Krebs.

Crystal Chandeliers made by Krebs!

When you buy a beautiful crystal chandelier, there are some things to think about. You may already have decided which style you want? Each Krebs crystal chandelier is made of real brass, uses first-class crystal and they come in different styles;


- Baroque chandeliers - The original style of crystal chandeliers  -the baroque style.


- Rococo chandeliers - Rococo then follow and here you will find two sizes of our model of a crystal chandelier in the Rococo style.


- Empire chandeliers - A crystal chandelier in the Empire style is simple, glamorous and stylish in its shape.


- Swedish chandeliers - The Swedish style crystal chandeliers symbolize styles that is typical Swedish - Karl-Johan Style and Oscariansk style.


- Retro chandeliers - Here you can find chandeliers in retro style that was popular during the 50s, 60s and 70s.- Design chandeliers


- Modern chandeliers - with Swedish design. Tip! In this style you will find a lamp that is not really a chandelier; LUX. This pendant designed by Thomas Larsson is something special.


In addition to these unique chandeliers you will also find sconces and a wide range of spare parts as prisms (chandelier trimmings) and metal parts.Choose a crystal chandelier from Krebs if design, craftsmanship and quality are important to you. You can order online or visit one of our dealers.

Crystal chandeliers – Handmade Swedish chandeliers

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Right of return 30 days
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Right of return 30 days
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